Your Fair Manual to Strong Wood and Bamboo Floor

When you’re thinking about going the organic way in flooring – stable timber and bamboo are generally your options. Earlier, timber ruled the organic flooring world. Today however, bamboo is slowly creeping in on the scene. Each has its benefits and disadvantages and it is your responsibility to decide which dilemmas you can deal with and which you cannot. You may even make your choice on the basis of the position you perform in preserving character or providing luxurious back once again to your home. Select the option that is more crucial that you you. Let’s take a closer look at both of these types of flooring.

Strong Wood flooring

The definition of’stable timber’may be complicated to some. Can timber actually be fluid? However, the problem listed here is perhaps the flooring is real wooden completely through. Many individuals team engineered timber flooring, laminate and also bamboo flooring below timber flooring, but they are maybe not real wood. Engineered flooring comes close because it employs several several types of timber planks to generate stable flooring. However, just stable timber is the sole kind of flooring that employs exactly the same grade of timber during, making it real timber flooring. Correct to its title, this sort of flooring actually does sense stable below your feet, more than every other type. That is the main reason it was typically the most popular and sometimes, the sole kind of flooring applied once upon a time. Today, though there are lots of possibilities, stable timber however keeps a unique place.


If you’re able to install the flooring right, then it will last a long time. It will take a higher quantity of traffic and is great for many regions of the house.
Nothing defeats the elegant look of the timber floors; timber is a timeless style that may never go out of fashion.
Timber is just a obviously soundproofing.
You are able to mud wooden floors 2-3 occasions on the basis of the depth, providing you brand new floors every time.

Wood floors are costly to install in addition to maintain so it is maybe not for shallow pockets.
You cannot use timber in large humidity parts, since they are very vunerable to moisture.
Hardwood trees take quite a while to grow and chopping them for flooring deplete woods rapidly.
Bamboo Floor

Many individuals team bamboo below timber flooring but that is a really inappropriate classification as they are maybe not timber at all. They’re actually a type of grass. That is why is it quickly growing. The wood trees take 20-30 years to mature. Which makes it more difficult in order for them to continue their numbers, as we are continually chopping them down. Bamboo grows to maturity in 4-5 years that means they are a whole lot more sustainable. As a result of contemporary executive, bamboo is becoming much stronger than before and well suited for flooring.


Prices much less to keep up and install than stable timber.
You should use them in the more damp areas.
They develop faster than wood and easier to keep up sustainable supply.

You cannot mud it down, since they are thinner.
Scrapes easily
Before choosing any type of flooring, it is very important to seek professional advice so that you get the proper flooring in accordance with your financial allowance, need and taste.

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